FACEMI membership is restricted only  to those  families wherein  the person/s with mental illness or PMI  live along with the rest of the family like any other member.    It is his/her FAMILY HOME where physical, emotional and perhaps financial support is   accessible for the PMI  free of cost  packaged with priceless love, respect, trust support   and  care.

The eligible families  can  fill up the application  in the  following link  and mail it to: facemi-membership-form-simplified-12-11-16

Members can approach FACEMI NATIONAL NETWORK  for   question  pertaining  to the management and care of PMI related to the topics given under the link RAQs.  At present, we entertain only e- mail correspondence.

For prompt response contact FACEMI National Network  at  :    acmiindia@gmail.com  / facemindia@gmail.com