Best Practices in Inclusive Family

  1. Looks upon the user or patient as a whole person with feelings, emotions, sexual self- esteem needs just like all of us.
  2. Remembers to de-link the illness from the person as an individual adult.
  3. Seeks the person’s help for sharing family responsibilities just like asking other members but learns to ignore if the person is unable to do it; and encourage for future.
  4. Does not abuse or use abusive language or call names to imply “mad person” in local language.
  5. Involving them or at least soliciting their opinion in matters of their concern.
  6. Not feeling ashamed of the mentally ill person. Introducing him/her to guests and visitors in the same way as other members are introduced.
  7. Treating MI family members with respect and providing them space as their way of recuperating is unique.
  8. Speaking to them with warmth and exuding love in a natural process.
  9. Providing them access without hindrance, unless these are harmful.
  10. Appraising yourself and the user of their rights under the Law of the land; and ensuring the rights are protected by yourself and other members of the family.
  11. Caring for your own needs in a positive and practical manner.
  12. Seeking information from various sources to ensure that you are getting the support that you and the user are entitled for



                                    FACEMI PLEDGE 

“We, the family members of persons with mental illness (PMI)pledge to support one another and other families in similar situations and use language which conveys love and respect towards each other and especially towards PMI. We shall  strive to protect and promote the rights of PMI as enshrined in the laws of the land. We also pledge to ensure that our welfare and rights as  caregivers are protected by the laws of the land. On this day, we take this pledge to work towards the vision and mission of FACEMI”




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