Members  can access the following services only through their e mail ID.   For purposes of confidentiality and security, we do not use social media. 

Our  Total  Guidance  Package to the families   include the following. 

  • Treatment related issues including clinical guidance but not clinical decisions. 
  • Emergency handling and hospitalization of the person with mental illness (PMI). 
  • Advocacy guidance – how to make your local Government work for YOU
  • Be and become a Mental Health Advocate ( This is tutorial) 
  • Legal  Guidance  and Information 
  • Rights of the PMI , Benefits and Entitlements under the Laws of the land 
  • Online  newsletter – our famous FACEMI posts .  You can also be a contributor to this. 

Our Founder Dr.Nirmala Srinivasan receiving the India Pride Award in 2014 from DNA group of Newspapers for services to the cause of mental illness.